Monday, June 17, 2013

The Honeymoon: European Adventure or Island Luxury?

Of all of the various wedding-related tasks Brendan and I have tackled over the last year, we have a few favorites. Cake tasting is definitely among them, as was our wedding open house at Wedgewood Pines – you know, pretty much anything involving food! But recently, we just completed a major wedding-related task, one that we’re very excited about: we booked our honeymoon!

When it came time to decide on a honeymoon locale, Brendan and I actually had a hard time. Because a lot of our relationship has been spent long-distance, we’ve actually only gone on one big vacation together: Walt Disney World. We had an absolute blast there, and can’t wait to go back there (hopefully once more before we have kids!) – but because we’ve already been there, Disney trips were definitely ruled out.

Yeah, we're totally the people who get matching ears (photo from Disney photopass)

There were two major types of vacation Brendan and I considered: the European tour and the tropical beach vacation. He has never been outside the U.S., and I have only been to Germany and Australia (random, I know) – so a trip to Europe sounded very exciting. We love history, and we happen to know several languages between us (him French, and me German and Italian), so it could be very interesting to put our skills to use. A tour of Europe would be filled with beautiful architecture, unique cultures, and delicious food, and it’s hard to deny that it would be a trip of a lifetime.

A view like this would be nice!

Or maybe a few drinks?

As we talked about a European honeymoon, however, we came across a few snags. First, the weather. Since we are getting married in late October, the weather in Europe has the potential to be absolutely horrible during our honeymoon. We’d prefer to see everything in the spring or summer – and we weren’t willing to wait 6 months to go on our honeymoon!

The second thing was the amount of time we needed for a trip. We couldn’t decide on one or two countries to visit since we both have different favorites. To get around this, we looked at longer European tours that spanned many countries, but even though this would probably be the way to go, the tours were pretty long (10+ days) and pricey. With limited vacation time and a limited budget, we had to look elsewhere.

Pretty European architecture, we'll see you someday!

Enter: the tropical beach vacation. Strangely, neither of us is usually that fond of beaches, so we agreed that our destination had to be somewhere unique. We thought about all of the Pacific islands that our friends had gone to, like Tahiti and the Maldives, but those were also quite expensive, and a 24-hour plane trip on your honeymoon doesn’t sound like our idea of a good time. At the same time, we didn’t want to go to a large resort on a bigger island – if we’re going somewhere tropical, we want to be somewhere private. We started looking a little closer to home for somewhere with private cabanas, and suddenly we found it:

Paradise! (source)

Stay tuned for the big reveal – and a bit more detail on our honeymoon!

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