Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Beautiful Day

My apologies for my long absence - we got caught up with the honeymoon, then the holidays, then life in general! We were also waiting for our photos and video to be in, which took some time - but they are finally in, and everything is beautiful! It was a wonderful day - a fairytale, really - and even almost 4 months later, we are still so happy every day to be Mr. and Mrs.!

For now, I will leave you with a teaser - our highlight video, brought to you by the wonderful Primo Video!

Keri & Brendan Highlight video from Primo Video on Vimeo.
You'll notice we had absolutely gorgeous fall color and a wonderfully warm day - with a high around 60, it felt exactly like fall in New England should feel! It was wonderful to be surrounded by family and friends as we promised our lives to each other - the ceremony was so emotional and filled with meaning, and we were thrilled with how it went. And the reception was an absolute blast, too!

More on the actual wedding day soon! But first, a bit about our other events - the showers, the bachelorette, and the rehearsal dinner!

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