Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On Choosing a Place to Make Our Own, Part 2

When we left off, Brendan and I were looking at locations for our rustic fall wedding. We contacted many places, and loved quite a few, but the fit just wasn’t right with any of them. Ultimately, the right place for our wedding ended up being just one town over from our house – who would have thought?

I stumbled upon Wedgewood Pines Country Club on yet another long session of web searching. I’m not sure why I hadn’t found it before, but it seemed interesting. I wasn’t sure what to think – would a country club be right for our rustic wedding? But I contacted the coordinator, Kerri, and set up a time to visit.

The first visit was just me alone – Brendan couldn’t make it after work – and as I drove up, I was struck by how beautiful the scenery around the golf course was. Wedgewood is named after the tall pine trees that line every hole of the course – they are breathtakingly beautiful! There are some other trees scattered amongst the pines, so we should have a good amount of fall color there, too.

The drive up to the clubhouse is lined with these trees

During my meeting with Kerri, I was really impressed with how seriously she took her job. She had a slideshow of pictures and a sample board of all of the fun things that other couples had done for their weddings, and she talked excitedly about all of the wonderful food they have to offer. On top of everything, she seemed very passionate about what she does. With the all-in-one catering and venue, a reasonable site fee, and a knowledgeable coordinator, I was very excited about Wedgewood.

In touring the club, I was very happy with all of the spaces in the clubhouse. The outdoor patio was my favorite – although the tent sides might be up late in October, the view of the trees is beautiful, and it’s nice to smell the clean air out in the woods. The entire space impressed me, and it seemed to be just the right size for our wedding, too.

The patio - I hope we can leave the tent walls down like this, the view is gorgeous!

The dining room

I loved Wedgewood so much that I called Brendan immediately after meeting with the coordinator. I actually brought him back that very night, I was so excited! He agreed that it was the right place for us, and we booked the club the very next day.

Of course, being a country club, the inside is a bit of a blank slate. But I see that as a good thing – there are so many DIY projects I want to do, and having a nice, open space should let us make the space totally our own. With the big windows, the space definitely showcases the outdoors and the fall colors, which is exactly what we want. The coordinator is on board with our crafts, too, so I’m super excited to see how it looks once it’s all decorated!

I'll leave you with one more picture - the view of the course in the fall!

I'm thinking we need a few of our formal shots down here...

Next up: why we decided to get married in a church!

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